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Move-out instructions


We hope that you have enjoyed your stay with us and wish you the best as you relocate.
We want to help you receive your entire security deposit refund. Please take time now to review the following suggestions.

1.  Check out time is 12:00 noon on the last day of the month of your lease. Please plan ahead, this is the
last possible time for you to complete your cleaning. If you finish early, please contact your manager
to complete your move-out inspection.

2.  Walls must be clean and ready to paint. Please remove ordinary dirt, grease and marks with a mild
cleaning solution. Remove all nails, hooks, etc. from the walls. It is not necessaty to fill the nail holes.
We will do that.

3.  Windows should be cleaned and free of dust and dirt. Blinds should be free of dust and window
frames should be cleaned.

4.  Floors must be thoroughly cleaned. Wood floors should be cleaned with appropriate cleaning materials. Linoleum and tiles should be cleaned with appropriate cleaning solution.
Ammonia will work for stripping wax, use steel wool for removing dried-on stains. Bases boards
should be clean and dust-free.

5.  Closets should be wiped clean and washable marks should be removed.

6.  Kitchen cabinets should be cleaned inside and out with hot water and strong soap. If you have
applied shelf paper, please remove it.

7.  Stove/Oven should be thoroughly cleaned including oven, oven racks, drip pans, and all surfaces. Ovens with "self clean" must be wiped out after the self cleaning has been completed!

8.  Refrigerators should be defrosted and thoroughly cleaned. Please turn the temperature setting to the lowest point. Do not turn the appliance off or unplug it!

9. Air conditioners should have clean filters and fronts should be washed.

10. Bathroom floors, walls and fixtures should be thoroughly cleaned. Mildew remover should be used
on tiles if needed.

11.  Heat vents and panels should be free of dust and washed clean.

12.  Doors and woodwork should be dirt and dust free.

13.  Light fixtures should be clean and contain working bulbs.

14.  Refuse, trash and unwanted items should be placed in garbage bags and disposed of in the
appropriate dumpster. Contact your manager for suggestions about removing large unwanted items.

I5.  Garages/storage areas/patios/balconies should be swept and dusted. Trash should be removed. Use
sand or sweeping compound to absorb oil, and then sweep it up.

We DO NOT wish to keep any portion of your Security Deposit. To avoid this, please take the time to clean your
unit and return it to the condition it was when you moved in. If you have questions, please contact us for
solution suggestions. We are happy to do a preliminary inspection to help you insure a full refund. Please call
us early to schedule the pre-inspection.

If you are paying for any utilities, contact the appropriate utility companies to give them your forwarding
address and schedule the final reading of your meter.

Notify the Post Office of your forwarding address, as we do not forward mail.

Please turn in all keys for the apartment, mailbox, garage, and storage locker at the time of your move-out

Charges for damages that did not exist at the time you moved-in and/or charges for cleaning not completed in
accordance with the above will be assessed against your deposit. A letter explaining the disposition of your
deposit will be mailed to you within 21 days of you move-out in accordance with Minnesota law.

Thank you for your cooperation.